Tips that will have buyers falling in love with your listings

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 12:12pm

In today’s real estate market, writing a property description to stand out is more important than ever. Consider this: A growing number of consumers start their home search online. A 2018 analysis found 44 percent of prospective buyers chose to surf the web as an initial step toward purchasing a property.

As the title partner you can trust, Placer Title Company offers the experts you need when closing your transaction. But we want to help our Realtor friends attract more buyers from the start too. After all, real estate is all about matchmaking. 

Amenities are important – but so is an emotional response.
Creating an emotionally stirring image of a property is just as important as listing off amenities. Make sure to tell a story in your listings. Instead of simply explaining the home has an open floor plan, say it has an open floor plan perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Here are some tips from new research by Point2Homes to capture the home’s story:
•    Make sure the description conveys a property’s personality and style. The most popular adjectives in listing descriptions include: “walk-in,” “custom” and “open.”
•    Granite countertops, hardwood floors and stainless-steel appliances all rank among the top in listing details across price ranges. Property descriptions need to be creative and practical. 
•    Grammar and spelling are important. A property description is often the buyer’s first impression of a house. Get it right.

Choose your buzzwords carefully.
As more buyers browse online, you’ve already beefed up the digital features attached to your listings. Instead of just a written copy block, consumers can now check out videos, photos and more. That means you should avoid vague descriptors, such as “gorgeous” and “charming.” 
Thanks to the internet and endless photo/video opportunities for your descriptions, buyers can decide for themselves how beautiful a home is and so on. It’s up to you to use the space to connect to buyers like you’re walking through the property with them. Tell the home’s story in the space you have, and your listing will stand out. 

Make the ask. Be sure your description includes how to take the next step. Including a call to action motivates a prospective buyer to act on their interest. And when you and your buyer or seller are ready to close on the transaction, reach out to your trusted Placer Title office. We’ll show you the love you deserve.