Wire fraud is still a threat and two cool apps that can help you stand out this year

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 8:55am

Placer Title Company hopes your 2020 is off to a great start! But we want to look back, just for a minute. 
2019 will be remembered as the year people inside real estate started talking about wire fraud more. Despite these efforts, the fight to protect consumers must continue into the new decade. Real estate attorney Harvey Jacobs has already been talking about this issue in the Washington Post earlier this month. If you need more resources (like this one) to start wire fraud conversations with your customers, reach out to us today.

Harvey’s tips included making sure your buyers/sellers:

  •  Know to never call the phone number included in a suspicious email. Have them only use previously disclosed numbers or ones listed on a trusted website when asking questions or confirming wiring instructions.
  •  Start a new email thread each time they message someone involved in the transaction, especially when communicating about finances.

Enough of the negative though. In the spirit of the new year, we also wanted to spotlight two marketing apps that  can help you personalize your marketing content in 2020! The first one is Canva, the easiest design tool you’ll ever use, and the second one is BombBomb, an innovative tool that can turn your email into a video recording studio.

This platform was created with the novice user in mind, offering an easy drag-and-drop format to provide access to countless images, photo filters, graphics, and fonts. There are both free and paid versions of the program, so you can experiment and see what works for you. Created for non-designers, Canva allows Realtors to boost their brand with high-quality designs to showcase their local knowledge. 
One quick way to use Canva today: 
•    Pick out top local hangs to showcase the community vibe and create eye-catching Facebook posts with Canva images to spotlight them. 

This tool allows Realtors to quickly and easily create and send video emails to customers. Video connects you to your email audience on a whole new level. It’s easy to use and can be utilized anywhere. With BombBomb, you’ll stand out in an inbox that’s saturated with words.
One quick way to use BombBomb today: 
•    After an open house, follow up with leads with a BombBomb video. Add in details from your conversation to the video to show you not only remember them but care about their needs. 

These two tools harness the power of digital so you can stand out for your customers – both present and future. Trust us, that could be the exact reason someone chooses to work with you this year!